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We bring you a vast selection of premium quality firearm accessories. Whether you want to upgrade your gun or replace a malfunctioning part, you need to ensure you do not add a piece from an unknown vendor. A low-quality firearm accessory can decrease your gun or rifle’s performance. Buying firearm accessories from an unknown online vendor can also damage your weapon and reduce its performance and lifespan. Place your trust in us — DSG ARMS! You can buy AR-15 accessories, SCAR 16 & 17 accessories, magazines, rifle accessories, pistol accessories, rail accessories, bipods, slings and components, shotgun accessories, 10-22 accessories, and bolt action accessories from us. All our firearm accessories are brought to you by the best in the firearm industry. We wanted to make viewing our firearm accessories a more straightforward process, not a tedious and time-consuming one. Make the right choice for your weapon by only buying firearm accessories from well-known brands ordered from a reputable company, DSG ARMS.


Primary Gun Accessories: AR 15 Magazine

The AR-15 magazine holds the ammunition for the weapon and can vary in capacity and material. For instance, the 20 round PMAGs by Magpul are made out of a polymer material. Lancer mags are a hybrid of metal and polymer. 300 blackout magazines are typically AR15 mags but some manufacturers have made special magazines just for that caliber.

Gun Accessory Supply for AR 15 Accessories

There is a wide variety of AR 15 attachments in which one can customize their weapon to suit the tactical situation. AR15/10 rails or handguards is one of those customizations but also have various attachment formats. Rail formats consist of M-Lok/MCMR, KeyMod, Quad/Picatinny, or modular. Another popular accessory is the buttstock or an AR pistol brace. These stocks can be adjustable or in a fixed position. AR 15 pistol grips come in many different colors, sizes, and other capabilities that further the customizing.

AR-15 M-Lok, KeyMod, & Picatinny Firearm Accessories

AR15/10 rail attachments are additional upgrades that can enhance the users' capabilities with a firearm. Vertical grips or foregrips in the Magpul M-Lok format can provide extra needed stability, storage, and light switch capabilities. If you need to protect your rail or need extra grip. Some KeyMod accessories such as rail covers or rail sections can provide that protection. A great Picatinny rail accessory if running an SBR or an AR pistol is a hand stop. It prevents your hand from sliding past the rail that could place your hand in danger while firing.

AR 1510 Rifle Bipods & Monopods

When shooting for accuracy in rugged terrain, one of the best options is to have an AR-15/10 rifle bipod or monopod. These stabilizing attachments come in various formats and options. KeyMod bipods are one of those variations and they fit perfectly in NSR and Alpha rails. The Harris Bipods come in adjustable lengths, tilt, and pan options. Magpul Bipods are also adjustable but are made out of a polymer that makes them lightweight and also can come in two colors.

AR15 Slings: One-Point Slings, Mounts, & Adapters

One of the best pieces of equipment to have when out in the field is a Rifle sling. AR15 slings have various options such as one or two-point slings and also attachment methods such as QD or Keymod. These essential components along with a sling allow an operator to keep their hands free while maintaining the weapon close to the body at all times. The numerous sling mount options allow for a user to attach a sling to the position that suits their needs.

FN SCAR 17 Accessories

There is a wide market for SCAR and this has led to an in the number of SCAR accessories in the market with several manufacturers designing and putting high-tech, durable, and long-lasting accessories on the market.

Pistol Accessories

Handgun accessories can enhance a user's performance but can also provide the user with a unique firearm that is separate from the standard look. One of those performance-enhancing parts is a magwell by Magpul or Zev. This after-market part attaches to the bottom of the firearm where the magazine is inserted. The magwell provides a wider opening and guide that makes it easier to reload a pistol. A pistol grip is one component that can enhance the firearm but can also make it stand out compared to other handguns. In our expansive selection of Glock 17 accessories, you will come across several reputable manufacturers.

Shotgun 870, 500, & More Tactical Accessories: Stocks, Forends, & Barrel Clamps

Tactical shotgun accessories provide a way of upgrading a factory firearm or just updating an older one so it can accommodate pieces of equipment. Shotgun forends for the Remington 870 come in many different options. Some of those options are a visual difference and some can be operation enhancements. To offer you top-notch quality, we bring you shotgun accessories from reputable manufacturers such as Magpul Industries, American Mountain Supply, Midwest Industries, Streamlight, and many more!

AK Accessories for the AK47 & AK-74 Firearms

Why keep your rifle bare when you can improve its appearance by equipping it with accessories specially made for its AK platform. Upgrade your AK-47 or AK-74 rifle or pistol with stocks, pistol grips, handguards, cheek risers, and top covers. We bring you AK-47/74 accessories from reputable manufacturers such as Magpul, Midwest Industries, & Tango Down.

Bolt Action Rifle Accessories for Remington 700, Tikka, & More.

By adding bolt action accessories, you can give your bolt rifle a wide range of capabilities. We have bolt action chassis for the Remington 700 such as the Magpul PRO 700 and Tikka chassis. We only bring you bolt action accessories from well-known brands such as Magpul, JP Enterprises, and Kinetic Research Group. Looking to upgrade your rifle, then check through our selection that will suit your needs.

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