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AR-15 Scopes | Sights and Optics | Firearm Sights & Scopes

We proudly offer an Optics & Sights Law Enforcement/LEO & Military discount

Want to improve your aiming capabilities with your AR15? Whether you work for law enforcement or enjoy hunting, investing in some of the best high-quality AR15 optics and sights is an excellent way to improve your long-range game or in low to no light conditions. As a seasoned shooter, you probably understand the importance of target acquisition and agility—both of which rely extensively on cutting-edge optics. If you’re struggling to improve your shooting skills downrange, the problem may lie in your optic's mount or base. At DSG Arms, we specialize in a range of military gear and high-performance firearms, including AR-15 iron sights, mounts, magnified and non-magnified optics, night or thermal optics, binoculars, spotting scopes, laser devices, scope rings, and accessories. Is there a particular product you’re looking for that you don’t see on our website? Do you need assistance with AR-15 components? Call us at Phone: 817-806-9242 and let our product specialists help you select your ideal gear!

Iron Sights: MBUS Flip-Up, Fixed, Suppressor Height, & More!

Iron sights can provide many functions for AR 15 rifles and handguns. If your optic gets damaged or if the battery dies, a good quality set of iron sights can provide the backup that is needed. Magpul MBUS PRO Sights are designed for AR15 type rifles and can fold down out of the way when not needed. An alternative to folding sights are fixed sights and Daniel Defense Sights are on the top of the list for many shooters. The length of some suppressors can get in the way of factory sights. Suppressor height sights overcome this issue by setting up higher on the firearm. In low-light environments, it can be difficult to see your iron sights. Night sights for handguns and AR15s provide an illuminated dot aiming system that can overcome that issue. View all the different types of iron sights for handguns and AR 15 rifles.

AR 15 Powered Riflescopes: Steiner, Vortex Optics, & Elcan

Powered scopes allow shooters to engage long-distance targets that they normally can not with iron sights. These high-quality powered riflescopes come in one of the two focal planes. A first focal plane AR15 scope's reticle size increases when zooming in the scope into a higher power. A second focal plane riflescope's reticle stays the same size no matter the power the scope is being zoomed into. One of the variables that come with scopes is the reticle. One of the popular reticle types for an AR15 rifle is a bullet drop compensating or a BDC reticle. With a twenty power or more high magnification scope, enables shooters to engage targets over 1,000 yards.

AR 15 Sights & Handgun Optics: Trijicon MRO, Vortex Viper, Aimpoint Pro, & More!

A great alternative to iron sights for a firearm is non-magnified red dot optics. These optics come in various sizes and can be used on multiple platforms. The Aimpoint Comp M4-S is bigger compared to some other red dot optics and is ideal for an AR15 type firearm. One red dot optic that has been sought by law enforcement is the Aimpoint PRO. This red dot was designed for patrol use where engagements are in a close to medium range. A smaller red dot optic that is ideal for handguns or used in conjunction with magnified optics is reflex-type optics. Depending on the manufacturer these optics can go by many names such as MRO, Reflex, RMR, and Acro. Eotech has a red dot type optic that is a holographic sight. The HWS is projected and can only be viewed from the backside by the operator. View all Red Dot type optics and choose a type that suits your needs.

Range or Field: Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, & Monoculars

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish objects from a distance with the human eye. Steiner binoculars bring distant objects close with incredible clarity. Steiner has a wide range of binoculars that can be used for hunting, military, or your favorite sports. When shooting on the range, it can be a pain to see where your shot landed on the target. Vortex Optics has several different spotting scopes, binoculars, and monoculars that help to find shot placement with ease.

AR 15 Laser Sights: Visible, IR, & Illuminators

In recent years avid hunters have been outfitting their AR15s or firearms with laser devices and illuminators to allow for night hunting and drills. With night vision goggles or NVGs, a user can see infrared lasers and IR laser illuminators which are used as an aiming system. The Eotech ATPIAL-C is one device that has both a laser and illuminator built into one device. Laser devices that have a visible laser-like the DBAL-I2 PEQ2, can aid a shooter when in quick engagements.

AR 15 Scope Mounts, 30mm Scope Rings, Red Dot Mounts & More

Scope or optic mounts bring another level of versatility to AR-15 rifles and other firearms. Scope rings are a two-piece mount that holds the optic in place on the firearm and comes in sizes such as 30mm, 34mm, and 1". A scope mount is similar to scope rings but the base of the rings is joined by one piece. Placing optics on handguns has become a popular trend and might require a Trijicon RMR mounting kit or plate. View all of the AR 15 scope mounts, rings, and optic bases.

Scope Accessories: Covers, Batteries, & ARDs

Riflescopes accessories can enhance or protect your optic when it is being stowed away or while it is being put to use. Scope flip covers slide onto the optic and protect the glass from getting damaged. A killflash ARD also protects the glass but at the same time, it eliminates the possibility of light reflection that could give away your position. Most modern-day optics are illuminated and over time the batteries get drained. We carry replacement batteries for some of the most popular riflescopes and red dots. View all the scope accessories that we have to offer.

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Trijicon 1x25 MRO - 2.0 MOA Adjustable Red Dot - No Mount

$420.00 $389.00

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US Optics 1-6x24mm SFP w/ Illuminated 2 MOA Red Dot Crosshair


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AmeriGlo for Glock 42/43/43x Hackathorn Tritium Sights - Orange Outline .125" Front/.150" Black Rear


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AmeriGlo for Glock 42/43/43x Spartan Tritium Sights - Orange Outlined .140" Front/.160" Two Dot Rear


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AmeriGlo for Glock® 17/19 PRO-GLO Tritium Sights - Orange Outlined .140" Front / .180" Notch Rear


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AmeriGlo for Glock® 17/19/23 CAP Sights - Green Outline .140" Wide Front / .155" Notch Green Rear


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AmeriGlo for Glock® 17/19/23 CAP Sights - Orange Outline .140" Wide Front / .155" Notch Orange Rear


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AmeriGlo for Glock® 17/19/23 Fiber Sight Set - Red Fiber .130" Wide Front/.165" Notch Pro Style Rear


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AmeriGlo for Glock® 17/19/23 Ghost Ring Tritium White Outlined Sights - .125" Front / Ring Rear


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AmeriGlo for Glock® 17/19/23 Hackathorn Tritium Sights Orange Outlined .140" Front/.180" Black Rear


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