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    Edged Weapons

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    Edged weapons can save your life in the event you find yourself facing off an intruder or lost in the woods. If you encounter an animal in the woods and you have run out of bullets or don’t have a gun on you, you can use your edged knife to scare them off.

    You can carry an edged weapon on you when you go out, as you can never anticipate a threat. If you are a fan of edged weapons, our selection of premium quality, sharp, and sleek knives will impress you. Edged knives are available in several different designs, patterns, and colors.

    We have more than eighty knives in our collection, all designed by popular and established manufacturers in the firearm industry. If you are visiting a gun-free zone and you are worried about your safety, chances are you will be allowed to carry an edged knife.

    Our edged knives are popular among military personnel, law enforcement officials, and rescue workers. Some of the knives feature a safety feature where they lock in place; others offer a good holding grip, while others have an instant open feature.

    If you are looking for an alternate safety option to firearms and weapons, consider ordering an edged knife from our extensive list of edged weapons.

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    Kershaw 4007 Secret Agent
    CobraTec 3" Medium CTK-1 Tanto OTF w/ Black Handle
    CobraTec 3.25" Medium Black Mamba Drop-point OTF
    GLOCK Survival Field Knife w/ Saw - Black
    GLOCK Survival Field Knife w/ Saw - Dark Earth
    GLOCK Survival Field Knife w/ Saw - Grey
    GLOCK Survival Field Knife w/ Saw - Military Green
    Kershaw 6034T Emerson CQC-7K
    Zero Tolerance 0350BW Folder G10 - Blackwash
    Kershaw 6054BRNBLK Emerson CQC-4K
    Kershaw 6074OLBLK Emerson CQC-5K
    Zero Tolerance 0470 Sinkvich KVT
    Zero Tolerance 0393 Hinderer KVT G10
    Zero Tolerance 0801 Titanium Flipper
    Zero Tolerance 0609 RJ Martin KVT
    Zero Tolerance 0350SW Folder G10 - Stonewash
    Kershaw 6034 Emerson CQC-6K
    Kershaw 1556BW Cryo II - Blackwash
    Kershaw 1556TI Cryo II

    Kershaw 1556TI Cryo II

    Zero Tolerance 0566 Hinderer Folder
    Kershaw 1990 Brawler
    Zero Tolerance 0770CF Carbon Fiber Folder
    Kershaw 1830 OSO Sweet
    Zero Tolerance 0350 Folder G10 - Black
    Kershaw 1556TBW Cryo II Tanto - Blackwash
    Zero Tolerance 0562 Hinderer Slicer