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Bolt Action

Bolt Action Firearms | Precision Rifles | Long Range Rifles

Bolt action rifles remain one of our best sellers for good reason too! A bolt action weapon offers improved accuracy than semi-automatic rifles, thus making them an ideal choice for shooters who hate to miss. Bolt action firearms are pre-assembled, consisting of all the necessary parts in addition to the chamber, built-in with precision to a minimum measurement. Pit a bolt action with an AR-style rifle in a long-range competition and the bolt action rifle will always come out as a winner. If you are not a skilled shooter, you can practice on a bolt action rifle. Consider adding a cartridge in your firearm’s chamber to achieve a better and tighter fit. Another benefit you will receive if you opt for a bolt action weapon is that you can chamber it for the longest and largest magnum cartridges. If you are considering buying a bolt action firearm, you can look through our diverse collection of weapons. On some of our bolt action rifles, you will find amazing discounted prices. We want to provide you with a high-quality weapon you can rely on to hit the target when you shoot it.