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    Protective Gear

    Protective Gear | Tactical Vests | Chest Rigs

    Whether you are a first-time shooter or an experienced one, it is important you practice safety when handling and firing a weapon. If you areĀ military personnel, law enforcement official, hunter, or like to visit a shooting range, you require a reliable option to protect you from incoming bullets, accidental shootings, and loud noises emitting from firing a firearm. We can provide you helmets, helmet mounts and accessories, vests and chest rigs, body armor, gloves, and hearing protection. When you are surrounded by gunfire or are shooting your weapon in the forest to kill a small or big game, hearing protection will reduce the risk of hearing loss due to the loud sounds. If you want to improve your grip on your weapon, wear gloves. Since accidents do happen whether you are hunting, at a shooting range, or while working, you should look through our selection of protective gear to minimize your risk. We bring you a variety of colors with an option to choose from ballistic and safety protective gear. You will not have a complaint about quality, as we only offer protective gear from notable and reputable manufacturers in our firearm industry. Be safe and wear only top quality protective gear bought from DSG Arms.