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51000ODG American Mountain Supply Rear Sniper Bag - Olive Drab Green

Manufacturer part number: 51000ODG
UPC: 765416147410
Availability: In stock
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Rear Sniper Bag for Prone Rifle Shooting. An essential for precision shooting in the field. Bag goes underneath the stock of your rifle, near your shoulder. Provides a rock-solid shooting rest, with infinite adjustment when squeezed with your off hand. Built with High Density lightweight polymer beads, all with rounded surfaces for good response.


  • Filled with HDPE polymer beans for light weight and smooth rounded surfaces that respond to squeezing.
  • Designed to have three base bag positions by laying flat, on its side, and on end.
  • The AMS Rear Sniper Bean Bag can be adjusted by squeezing and molding into shape. A nylon webbing strap is attached diagonally for looping around your rifle or hand.
  • Includes small nylon loop for hooking to carabiner.
  • Many bags are overfilled and inflexible, the AMS sniper bag seeks to be the right fill amount for a sturdy shooting platform, while still allowing for good point of aim adjustment.
  • Fabric repels water and dust. Bag will work consistently when bone dry, or soaking wet, unlike bags filled with sand or wood pellets.
  • Approximate dimensions 2 x 5 x 6 Inches.
  • Weight 0.90 lbs
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