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    FN SCAR 17 & 16 Rifles | SCAR 17s Rifles | SCAR 16s Rifles

    We have an incredible variety of FN SCAR rifles, which are gas operated and self-loading weapons outfitted with a rotating bolt. Designed to be modular, the barrel change allows you to switch between ammunition.

    You can choose from FN SCAR 17s and 16s, both types made of premium quality material and parts and sold by reputable brands in the firearm industry. For long-range shooting, SCAR rifles are perfect. SCAR firearms are easy to handle and perform exceptionally well on the shooting grounds.

    You can equip your SCAR weapon with accessories such as a bipod, buttstock, m-lock rails, Picatinny rails, and more. For SCAR accessories, you do not have to search all over the internet, as we have a good collection of accessories for you to look at right here.

    Once you select your SCAR rifle, choosing between the brand and 16s or 17s, you can look at its accessories to make your rifle even better than before. You will not regret purchasing a SCAR rifle from our online store, as we ensure we bring you quality at an affordable price every time! Do not waste looking at other stores because DSG Arms has everything you need right here!