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    AR-15 Firearms | Firearms & Weapons | Modern Sporting Rifles

    We have made shopping for firearms and weapons a convenient, quicker, and easier experience for our customers.  What’s your preference? Because we have it all! We sell from a variety of different premium quality and brand firearms and weapons. You will find AR rifles, pistols, shotguns, SCAR, 10/22, and even edged weapons. You can also search for stripped or complete lower receivers and suppressor & adaptors. We offer firearms and weapons from well-known, established, and reputable brands. You do not have to buy a weapon from an unknown brand, as it will lack both quality and performance. Once you buy a firearm from us, you can look at our other product categories to find parts to add to your weapon. Browse through our firearms and weapons category or use our search filter. Select from several different options such as manufacturer, model, parts, platform, caliber, rail format, barrel length, billet/forged, and more. Not only do we provide you with reliable firearms and weapons, but we also provide them to you at reasonable prices with some even marked down. Compare us with others and we reckon you will return to us for your current and future purchases. We add new weapons to our category so be on the lookout for the latest firearms and weapons.


    How to purchase a lower or firearm Click Here.