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Helmet Mounted Lights

Helmet Mounted Lights | Lights for Military Helmets

Helmet mounted lights allow you to see better and clearer, as the direction of the light moves with you. When you move your head to the left, the beam of the light will move to the left. In whatever direction you look, the light will follow the movements of your head, thus illuminating the path ahead of you. The advancement of technology has given us an incredible number of high-tech lights. You also receive an array of different options. You can choose a helmet-mounted light based on its design. You can opt for a personal task light, which is lightweight in appearance. You can also choose a weapon-mounted light that goes over your head. These types of mounted lights are known for their compact and lightweight design. Another design is called the Flexi-neck, which attaches to the side of your helmet with ease. You can select for helmet-mounted lights that emit only white light when turned on or a mounted light that emits different types of color such as white, red, blue, IR, and green. The helmet-mounted lights are available in more than one color. All the mounted lights are made of premium quality materials to ensure long lifespan and durability.

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact 2 Military Model


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