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AK 47/74 Accessories

AK 47/74 Accessories | AK 47/74 Stocks | AK 47/74 Handguards

Your outdated AK platform rifle can use an upgrade. Upgrade your AK-47 or AK-74 rifle with stocks, pistol grips, handguards, cheek risers, and topcovers. To see a notable difference in both precision and comfort, equip your long rifle with the right AK 47/74 accessories. Browse our inventory of accessories to find the perfect fit for your rifle. We have AK 47/74 accessories available from several different companies that have become known for their superior products. To make things easier for you, we have divided the accessories into several different categories.You can use our filter system to select a manufacturer, model, platform, railformat, pistolgrips, color, accessories, and availability. Why keep your rifle bare when you can improve its appearance by equipping it with accessories specially made for its AK platform. Find AK 47/74 accessories that will fit your rifle like a glove. The next time you go out on a hunt, you will have an upgraded weapon, ready to hunt deer or a game of your choice. Not only does the addition of accessories enhance your rifle’s performance in the field, but it also keeps it in good working condition. Look through our AK 47/74 accessories to buy one or more parts for your rifle.

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