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    Vests & Chest Rigs

    Tactical Vests & Chest Rigs

    If your occupation requires you to take measures to protect yourself from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles, flying bullets, and other factors in the environment that can cause injury or harm to you, you need to wear either a vest or chest rig to protect yourself. We provide you with more than one option. You can choose combo vests and chest rigs that come with steel plates as well as pockets to store small items such as an edged weapon, maps, and other small accessories. The vests and chest rigs feature an air mesh and pack cloth to ensure comfort, breathability, and abrasion resistance. The armor plates offer added protection due to the protective cloth coating on it. If you only want a vest or chest rig without plates, look at our products made of lightweight material. It doesn’t matter what your size is, as we have one size fits all vests and chest rigs in stock for you. They are adjustable and offer a snug fit. They will not hinder mobility, allowing you to move without restriction. We have several different colors available for you to choose from as well. Select either a vest or chest rig, designed by top brands.

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