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    Lower Receiver Parts

    AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kits | Buffer Tube | Captured Spring

    Customize your weapon and build your own lower receiver parts kit by selecting the lower receiver part from our store. We have lower receiver parts available for the AR pistol, AR-15, AR-308, HK MR, and Tavor. To make the process of finding parts efficient and more accessible, use our filter system. You can use our filter system to find AR-15 parts from different manufacturers. You can select more than one lower receiver parts. We have a large selection of parts available in our store to list them all. We offer a variety of lower receiver parts like buffers, castle nuts, catches/releases, detents, end plates, disconnectors, fire control, grip part, and several other lower receiver parts. You can also narrow down your selection by choosing between a single-stage or two-stage trigger, curved or flat trigger style, and drop-in or standard install trigger setup. You can even select from a variety of different colors. Quality is one of the most important aspects you look for in maintaining your weapon. DSG Arms brings you lower receiver parts from reputable brands known for manufacturing durable components for a variety of different weapons.

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    Armalite AR10 Rifle Length Buffer
    Armalite Carbine Buffer

    Armalite Carbine Buffer

    Armalite AR10 Carbine Buffer
    DSG AR15 Carbine Buffer

    DSG AR15 Carbine Buffer

    DSG AR15 Heavy Carbine Buffer - H Buffer
    DSG AR15 H2 Heavy Carbine Buffer
    DSG AR15 H3 Heavy Carbine Buffer
    DSG AR15 Rifle Buffer

    DSG AR15 Rifle Buffer

    DSG 308/7.62 Rifle Buffer

    DSG 308/7.62 Rifle Buffer

    DSG 9MM Heavy Buffer - 5.5oz

    DSG 9MM Heavy Buffer - 5.5oz

    Geissele Super 42 Tungsten Buffer Weight
    VLTOR A5 Light-Weight Buffer, 3.8oz
    VLTOR A5 Light-Weight Buffer, 4.56oz
    VLTOR A5 Standard-Weight buffer 5.3oz
    VLTOR A5 Heavy-Weight Buffer, 6.08 oz.
    VLTOR A5 Heavy-Weight Buffer, 6.83 oz.
    VLTOR A5 Spring and Standard Buffer
    Armalite Carbine Lock Ring w/Slots
    DSG AR Carbine Stock Lock Ring/Castle Nut
    Aero Precision M5 .308 Bolt Catch
    Armalite AR10 A-Series Magazine Catch

    Armalite AR10 A-Series Magazine Catch

    Armalite AR10 B-Series Bolt Stop Catch
    Armalite AR10 A-Series Bolt Stop Catch
    Battle Arms AR15 Cast Enhanced Bolt Catch
    Battle Arms AR15 Enhanced Magazine Catch
    DSG AR15 Magazine Catch

    DSG AR15 Magazine Catch

    DSG AR15/308 Magazine Catch Button
    DSG AR15/M15 Bolt Catch

    DSG AR15/M15 Bolt Catch

    DSG AR Bolt Catch Plunger

    DSG AR Bolt Catch Plunger

    DSG AR Billet Magazine Release Button w/ DSG Logo
    MAGPUL Enhanced AR Magazine Release
    MAGPUL Battery Assist Lever BAD
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