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Complete Uppers

AR-15 Complete Upper Receivers | 300 Blackout Complete Upper Receivers

The complete uppers featured in our store sport a premium quality construction, made using material tested and proven to work. Offering you complete AR 15 uppers from a host of reputable manufacturers in the firearm industry allows you choose a complete upper for your weapon with confidence. Order a complete upper designed by Bravo Company (BCM), DSG Arms, Seekins Precision, Grey Ghost, Foxtrot Mike, and several others. Also available are upper receivers in various calibers such as 300BLK, 6.5 Creedmoor, and AR9 9MM upper receivers for AR15 pistols. If you know what exactly you want, use our filter system to make your experience searching for complete uppers easier and convenient. Select a manufacturer, caliber, rail format, barrel length, billet/forged, features, rail option or handle, color, and availability. Some complete uppers may require someone who holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to receive the upper assembly on your behalf. When you select FFL, you will receive more options to assist you in your search such as manufacturer, caliber, billet/forged, features, and availability. Upgrade your weapon by selecting a complete upper that will improve performance, increase comfort, and conform to your shooting enviroment. You can buy other parts that you need to build the upper such as barrels, bolt carrier groups, and muzzle devices in our Upper Receiver & Parts category. Go through our extensive collection of complete uppers to find what you are looking for in our store.

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