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MAG110-FOL Magpul Enhanced Self Leveling 5.56MM 30RD Follower - 3 Pack

Manufacturer: Magpul
Manufacturer part number: MAG110-FOL
UPC: 873750000367
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Magpul Enhanced Anti-Tilt Follower for AR15 5.56MM 30-Round Magazines

The Magpul Enhanced Self Leveling 5.56MM 30RD Follower (3 Pack) is made for Standard UGSI magazines. It features a self-lubricating, non-hygroscopic polymer that provides effortless self-leveling.

Magpul Enhanced Self Leveling 5.56MM 30RD Followers are a natural evolution from the highly successful PMAG magazines. The upgraded version features a 4-way anti-tilt and simple drop-in replacement for the standard green or black magazines for UGSI magazines.

Magpul has a reputation for producing some of the world's most accessible and combat-ready firearm accessories. These latest devices make shooting a joy and help to prevent unwanting movement in the magazine.

Please note that this particular product will not fit the latest USGI spring used with either the blue or tan follow. It is also not recommended for use with steel magazines with thin-walled bodies.

The self-leveling follower is designed for use with Original Magpuls as well as Ranger Plates.

  • Features 4-way anti-tilt
  • Simple drop-in replacement for green and black magazines from UGSI
  • Designed for use with the original Magpul or Ranger Plates
  • Self-leveling followed using a self-lubricating¬† and non-hygroscopic polymer

Note: Will not fit the latest generation USGI spring that is utilized with the tan or blue (EPM) follower. Also not optimized for thin-walled steel-bodied magazines.

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