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Double Barrel Shotguns

Antique over/under shotguns are classics for a reason. They're simple, accurate, and easy to maintain. We carry a wide selection of double barrel shotguns from top manufacturers. Browse our collection today and find the one that fits your needs and budget!

The perfect balance of power and portability
The over and under 12 gauge shotgun packs plenty of punch with a dual barrel setup. This powerful weapon is lightweight, yet packs high velocity at short ranges.

It's not just for hunting anymore!
This versatile shotgun also makes for an excellent long-range bird gun, as well as being able to take out small game at close range. It can also be used for home defense or self-defense purposes. Simple design, easy to use! You'll never have to worry about jamming this shotgun up on you with the simple yet reliable design!

Stoeger Coach Gun 12GA Side By Side Shotgun Blue w/ Single Trigger


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Stoeger Double Defense 12-Gauge 20" Ported Side By Side Shotgun - Black Synthetic


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Stoeger Condor Outback 12-Gauge 20" Over Under Shotgun - Satin Walnut Finish


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Stoeger Double Defense 12-Gauge 20" Over Under Shotgun - Black Finish


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BROWNING 018-163305 CIT FTHR LGT 12 26


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