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60690 Slip 2000 .30/.308 Caliber 7.62mm Bore Rope

Manufacturer: Slip 2000
SKU: SLP60690
Manufacturer part number: 60690
UPC: 815706006900
Availability: In stock
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Slip 2000 .30/.308 Caliber 7.62mm Bore Rope (60690) cleans the bore in a fraction of the time compared to using traditional patches. Just apply some gun cleaner or lubricant to the Bore Rope, insert the brass weighted end through the breech and pull the rope all the way out through the front end of the barrel. The bronze brush loosens hard fouling particles and is picked up by the woven cloth and removed. The Bore Rope can be washed and reused, saving time and not worrying about running out of patches.

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