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60339 Slip 2000 Extreme Weapons Grease EWG - Syringe Applicator

Manufacturer: Slip 2000
SKU: SLP60339
Manufacturer part number: 60339
UPC: 815706003398
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Slip2000 Synthetic Grease is their Extreme Weapons Lubricant turned into a light grease.

Slip 2000 EWG Extreme Weapons Grease (60339) offers extreme pressure properties that are guaranteed to reduce friction and wear on those extreme weapons. This product contains a proprietary Anti-ware package that is easy to use and long-lasting. Will not attract dust, dirt, or powder fouling like most petroleum-based products.

Excellent for use on all semi-auto and full auto locking lugs, sears, bolts, and slides/rails. Smooth clean operation in the extreme cold -100°F and will hold up under the extreme heat +750°F as well.

Does not contain Teflon or PTFE additives.

Easy to apply and stays there
Forms a bond with the steel parts
Reduces friction and wear
Does not migrate
Will not attract dust and dirt

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