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60218 Slip 2000 Copper Cutter - 4oz Bottle

Manufacturer: Slip 2000
SKU: SLP60218
Manufacturer part number: 60218
UPC: 815706002186
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Slip 2000's Copper Cutter is specially formulated to remove: copper, lead, powder residue and plastic wad fouling from bore surface with very little scrubbing!

Cleans bores in:

Always Relubricate After Cleaning
Copper Cutter is a Water Based - Ammonia Enhanced product and it will remove all lubricatin or oil protection. Care should be taken to re-lube all parts cleaned with Copper Cutter to rusting. Always follow up with SLiP2000™ Gun Lubricant to displace any moisture left behind from cleaning. This will not only protect your weapon but it will reduce your next cleanup time.

Keep the muzzle end pointed down to prevent cleaner from running back into the actions or chambers.
Soak a patch, brush or mop with Copper Cutter and run through bore. Follow this with a dry patch.
Repeat until dry patch come out clean.
After patch comes out clean, it is very important to run a mop or patch with SLiP2000™ Lubricant on it to completely recoat bores with lubricant protection.

DANGER: Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Contains ammonia. Use in well-ventilated area. Avoid prolonged contac with eyes. If swallowed, call physician immediatly. Do not induce vomiting. Keep out of reach of children. May be harmful to some materials. Alway be sure to wipe stock and nickle surfaces dry after cleaning.


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