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60006 Slip 2000 Gun Lubricant - 4oz Bottle

Manufacturer: Slip 2000
SKU: SLP60006
Manufacturer part number: 60006
UPC: 815706000069
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Specially Formulated Synthetic Blend. SLiP 2000™ Lubricant is truly an ALL IN ONE synthetic Gun Lubricant / Cleaner / Preservative.

Formulated especially for use on automatic rapid-fire and repetitive shooting firearms black powder, shotguns, riffles and pistols.

SLiP2000™ Lubricant contains an exclusive metal treatment designed to control friction, which reduces heat, which eliminates excessive wear. It penetrates the micropores of the metal surfaces bonding itself to the metal allowing lubrication from within the metal itself.

DOES NOT Contain any Silicone or PTFE Teflon* type ingredients Never gets sticky or tacky. Does not attract dust, dirt or grime like a petroleum product.

Its just like seasoning a frying pan, the more you use it, the less anything will stick!

SLiP2000™ Lubricant was designed and formulated with multiple uses and extreme high performance requirements and conditions in mind. SLiP2000™ Lubricant will out perform all other Lubricants in its class in sever weather conditions, high humidity, rain, sleet, and snow working from -130 deg. F to + 1250 deg F
Product Information Sheets

Exceeds current MIL-PRF-63460D
SLiP2000™ Lubricant has had to go through many testing stages. One of the product guide lines that was followed was MIL PRF 63460D for the US government. SLiP2000™ Lubricant has passed all test requirements set forth for this spec and infact has exceded many requirements.

Approved by Aberdeen Proving Grounds
SLiP2000™ Lubricant has passed and been approved for use in dusty environments Iraq on the M16 and smaller weabons by Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Additional testing still ongoing.

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