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IOSSO AR-308 Brush Kit - 4 Brush Pack

Availability: In stock
SKU: IOS19110
Manufacturer part number: 19110
GTIN: 054094191106

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Product description

The IOSSO AR-308/AR-10 Brush Kit (19110) comes with four brushes that are sized to close tolerance for precision cleaning of the AR upper assembly. The brush kit contains an Upper Receiver Brush, Bolt Carrier Brush, Chamber Brush and .308 Bore Brush. The brushes are made with a fiber that is cobalt blue which is a stiffer grade of fiber that allows for back and forth action unlike traditional brass and bronze type brushes. The fiber last approximately 8 to 10 times longer than other brushes. The brush is wound tighter and has more fiber per inch than any other brush.


8/32 Threading

Additional information
Manufacturer: IOSSO