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    Weapons and firearms are expensive. You do not want to leave them out in the open, place them in your car, or carry them with your bare hands without providing them a proper protective cover in the form of a weapon case. If you want to carry an AR-15 rifle and 12 gauge shotgun with you, secure them in a double rifle weapon case. Some weapon cases come with additional storage space for your ammunition and other accessories. Weapon cases are made of tough and durable material such as 600D polyester to ensure it can accommodate the weapon’s weight without tearing or ripping. If you traveling with your firearm and do not want to make it too obvious to onlookers, you can opt for a discrete weapon case. Do you want to free your hands as you carry your weapon? You can select a weapon case that comes with padded backpack straps as well as large pouches to store magazines, ammunition, and accessories. Weapon cases will protect your firearm from damage during transportation. It will also help you stay more organized, as you can use weapon cases to store your rifle or handgun. We have weapon cases available for all different budgets.

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