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E57MM Eberlestock 57" Sniper Sled Drag Bag Long - Multicam

Manufacturer: Eberlestock
Manufacturer part number: E57MM
UPC: 812028011087
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The Eberlestock E57B "Sniper Sled Long" includes a removable pack harness and hip belt. The shoulder straps are similar to the Shooter's Harness found on our premium backpacks. The waistbelt is compact in order to minimize bulk but still useful as a way to put the load on the hips and to stabilize the carriage of the bag. New to the Sniper Sled is a firmer mounting system for the harness and belt. With a combination of pack harness clips and beefy overlapping velcro straps, the harness and belt securely carry the bag and provide excellent stability.

The three large pockets on the front side are detachable, with MOLLE style webbing attachments. They are large enough to provide some meaningful storage capacity. The large portfolio pouch is a good size for documents and/or a laptop; the center bag is similar to our A2MP Multipack, with its multiple storage compartments, and the long bag is a good size for our A1SM or A2SM roll-up shooting mats, or tripods, etc. The entire front of the E2B is covered with MOLLE-type webbing, so you can customize it with your own pouches if you desire.

The E57B is nearly identical to the E2B Sniper Sled Drag Bag. The main part of the rifle bag is simply extended, a little at each end, to make the overall interior length 57". Examples of weapons that can be carried in this bag are the Barrett L82A1M, fully assembled.

Tie-down straps have buffers to keep the buckles from rubbing on your rifle. Adjustment tabs allow you to rig the straps to best fit your rifle, and also link to the main panel of the bag in order to give it stable carrying qualities when the bag is loaded up and being worn as a backpack.

Its third panel folds between the weapon and the storage pouches and ammo loopholes, so it serves the dual purpose of protecting your rifle's finish from the stuff that you put inside the case and providing a wide work area when you're laying on the bag. It also works well to permit the carriage of two weapons in the bag without them rattling against each other.

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