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    Upper Receiver & Parts

    AR-15 Upper Receivers | Bolt Carrier Groups | Muzzle Brakes | Charging Handles

    Is your barrel, bolt carrier, charging handle, muzzle device, or some other part of your gun giving you trouble? If one or more AR-15 upper receiver parts have become damaged or malfunctioned, opt for a superior-high-quality part from a reliable and reputable manufacturer to replace or upgrade it. If you want to replace the current upper receiver parts of your weapon with parts that will improve its performance, and enhance it, look no further than our store. When it comes to offering upper receivers and parts, we have you covered. DSG Arms provides you everything from an adjustable gas block, barrel nuts, blast shield, bolt carrier components, delta rings, complete carrier components, and so much more! We understand the importance of building an optimal weapon. Build a flawless functioning pistol or rifle by browsing through our vast collection of upper receiver parts from well-known firearm brands. Trust us; you will not be disappointed with the variety of parts from the different manufacturers we offer! More choices mean better choices!

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    Noveske 8.5" 300 Blackout Barrel
    Noveske 10.5" 300 Blackout Barrel
    Noveske 16" 300 Blackout Barrel
    Noveske 10.5" 5.56MM CQB Stainless Steel Barrel
    Noveske 18" 5.56MM SPR Stainless Steel Barrel
    Noveske 16" 5.56MM Lightweight Barrel
    Noveske 10.5" 5.56MM Light Shorty CHF Barrel
    Noveske 14.5" 5.56MM Light Carbine CHF Barrel
    Armalite AR15 Field Repair Kit
    Armalite AR10 Ejector Spring
    Armalite AR10 Bolt Carrier Group
    Armalite AR10 Firing Pin Retainer Pin
    Armalite AR10 Cam Pin

    Armalite AR10 Cam Pin

    Armalite AR10 Extractor
    Armalite AR10 Extractor Spring
    Armalite AR10 Field Replacement Kit
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