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DA121 Dead Air Armament Xeno Flash Hider 1/2x28

Manufacturer: Dead Air
Manufacturer part number: DA121
UPC: 810042342132
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The Xeno Flash Hider for 1/2x28 threads (DA121) works superbly as a stand-alone muzzle device, but really shines when paired with the Xeno Adapter(Not Included) equipped suppressor. The Xeno Flash Hider gives you a lightweight suppressor mounting option with non-negotiable repeatability and a solid return to zero (ideal for precision-minded shooters).

The shorter length and lock-up positioning of the Xeno Mount System makes it shine. The Xeno Flash Hider doesn’t sit deep into the blast chamber. This minimizes focused erosion on your baffles, prolonging suppressor life while maximizing sound performance.

The shortened length also supports a more future proof design with a heavy consideration for suppressors with smaller blast chambers across the industry. Plus, the Adapter uses the industry standard 1-3/8-24 threads, making it not only compatible with their Nomad series, but also many other silencers on the market.

The Xeno Flash Hider and Adapter mate together with left-handed threads, eliminating your worries of the adapter unthreading from your silencer when removed. This also lets you verify your mount is still tight when installing on your firearm. Both the Flash Hider and Adapter feature ample tooling surfaces, giving you plenty of room and options. These tool features are accessible even when your suppressor is completely installed.

Their material of choice is nitrided 4140 steel for hardness and corrosion resistance. The bonus is that it won’t gall your threads as is common with the uncoated 17-4 products out there. Nitrided 4140 is just tough. Scouring off carbon and copper deposits is not only easier, you’re less likely to damage your threads.

Note: Xeno Adapter sold separately

Length:2.16 in.
Outside Diameter:.99 in.
Weight:3.20 oz.
Material:4140 HT QPQ Black Nitride coated. This offers the following: -Higher hardness -Higher corrosion resistance -Won’t gall and seize up parts like stainless steel does
Through Bore:.343 in.
Tool Features:3/4 in wrench feature
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