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    Nikon P-Tactical SPUR Demo Unit

    Manufacturer: Nikon
    SKU: DSG-7100-0052
    Manufacturer part number: 16532
    Availability: In stock
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    Police Trade-In weapons or gear are in a used and mechanically functional condition. No returns or exchanges - all sales are final.

    Note: This demo unit has a dent on the frame corner.

    Nikon P-tactical SPUR remains one of the most ordered optics in our selection for pistols, carbines, and shotguns. Bad weather, poor environmental conditions, and long hours are not an obstacle for this optic. Not only can it withstand rain, dirt, and mud, but it can also operate for several hours, as it can operate for 15,000 hours on a single battery continuously.

    You will not have trouble carrying it either due to its lightweight design. Other qualities that make this optic one of the best in the market is that it is shockproof and waterproof. If you accidentally drop it in water, it will neither shock you or malfunction.

    Look through the reticle to zoom in on your target in the distance and shoot to take it down. You can adjust the zoom level before you take the shot. It offers you 1x magnification level with an extra-wide field of view and unlimited eye relief to prevent eye strain.

    You can also adjust its brightness, choosing from the different levels with two levels meant for shooting at night. You can mount the Nikon P-tactical SPUR on your firearm with ease and without any difficulty. You can do it quickly while you are outdoors, looking for game.

    With uncompromising performance that shrugs off weather, recoil—and is easy on batteries, the new P-TACTICAL SPUR might be the perfect optic for your carbine, pistol or shotgun. Its lightweight body is shockproof, waterproof (IPX7) and boasts 15,000 hours of continuous use on a single battery. An extra-wide field of view, 1x optics and unlimited eye relief aid in quick target acquisition, while Nikon’s “TRUCOLOR” coating minimizes the bluish tint common to reflex sights. The P-TACTICAL SPUR’s 3 MOA dot is adjustable to 10 levels of brightness—the initial two of which are night-vision compatible. On virtually any platform you mount it on, P-TACTICAL SPUR will be ready to serve you well.

    Magnification: 1 x

    Weight: 1.1 oz

    Overall Length: 1.8 in

    Adjustment Graduation: 1

    Matte Finish: Yes