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Eberlestock Jackhammer Pack - Multicam

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GTIN: 812028014361

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Product description

F52 Jackhammer built around the ALICE frame, a tried and true backpack frame. Using the frame as a core structure, an entirely new style of pack that has amazing utility and versatility. It takes advantage of the ALICE's compact size, and incorporates features and qualities that have made Eberlestock packs famous. Now, after proving the concept, replaced the ALICE frame with Eberlestock's innovative Intex-II frame, and have thereby gained the benefits of better body contour fitting ergonomics, closer-to-body load carriage, a bottom cargo shelf, and a whopping 1.3 lbs of weight removed from the pack. The latter stems from the fact that the ALICE was a frame for a more primitive design, and had far more metal that the Jackhmmer's internal-frame style requires; the Intex II provides just as much stability and load bearing strength, in a much more intelligently designed package. Because the frame is fully wrapped in the structure of the pack, more along the lines of an internal frame than an external frame, eliminated frame noise, and built an exceptionally comfortable and well ventilated pack.

1000 denier nylon exterior.

Additional information
Manufacturer: Eberlestock