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Suppressors & Parts

AR-15 Suppressors | Pistol Suppressors | Silencers

5.56 Suppressors or silencers can reduce the noise a rifle emits when fired, from 158 dB per shot to 128 dB per shot. It can do the same for other weapons such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, SCAR, and more. If you own a firearm, add a suppressor to it to minimize the noise your rifle emits on the range or in the field. If your state allows you to equip your firearm with a suppressor while hunting, consider adding one, as it will help you hunt small and big game more effectively. Loud noises can scare off the game, but silencers ensure your game doesn’t even know you are on the prowl, waiting to hunt them. It will also improve accuracy. You will also reduce the risk of hearing loss caused by a loud noise. We have a diverse collection of suppressors available for you to order for your weapon. If you own more than one firearm, you can order a silencer for each one. The manufacturers have designed the suppressors are designed, keeping quality in mind. Apart from suppressors, you will also find more than sixty suppressor adapters and parts. Add a suppressor to your weapon today.


All NFA Regulations apply. Please check your local and state laws before ordering.
Contact your local ATF Field Office with any NFA questions you may have.

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