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GAALPHA Griffin Armament Paladin Suppressor w/ 30 Cal Minimalist Brake & 1/2x28 Direct Thread Adapter

Manufacturer: Griffin Armament
Manufacturer part number: GAALPHA
UPC: 791154080948
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The PALADIN™ uses 6AL4V Titanium components to drop weight to 14.5 ounces for a .300 win mag rated suppressor that weighs less than most market 5.56mm offerings. The Ratchet-lok™ front cap and keyed together baffles allow the PALADIN™ to be disassembled by the end-user for cleaning and ease of service. Traditionally welded construction allowed the greatest confidence because serviceable suppressors were comprised of multiple components that could loosen. The PALADIN™ active locking front cap removes this concern and allows end-users to remove copper and lead deposits that rob volume and add parasitic weight to centerfire suppressors over time. This allows lead bullets and rimfire use without concerns of damage to the suppressor.

The PALADIN™ features a CNC machined, billet tube body for maximum thermal transfer and unparalleled strength and durability. 17-4 provides double the strength of traditional 316L SS tube bodies, providing redundant strength for additional safety. A 17-4 blast baffle reduces sparking common in titanium suppressors. Years of internal testing has found 17-4 stainless steel to provide a longer service life than 718 Inconel, the prior market-leading alloy. 17-4 stainless is also twice as strong as cast Stellite 6. A Taper Mount Minimalist Brake, disassembly tools, and a 1/2x28 direct thread adapter are included, making the PALADIN™ a terrific value.

Overall SPL on a 12" 300BLK with Remington 220 Subsonic is 123DB, quieter than some 22 rimfire suppressors on the market.

Rated on Following barrel lengths 7.5" 5.56mm, 8" 300BLK, 8" 7.62x39, 8" 6.8SPC, 12.5" 7.62x51, and 22" 300Win Mag


  • Patented high performance baffling provides industry-leading suppression
  • Integral low-profile flash suppressor
  • Patent-pending Ratchet-Lok front cap
  • 300WIN MAG Rated
  • Minimal and Repeatable POI shift
  • Rock Solid Mounting
  • Taper Mount Compatible
  • Minimalist Brake Included
  • 1/2x28 Direct Thread Adapter Included
  • Takedown tools included
  • QPQ finish
  • Shim set Included
  • Multi-Caliber Friendly


Overall Length:7.6”
Length Added:5”
Weight:14.5 Ounces
Materials:17-4 Stainless Steel, and 6AL4V Titanium
Attachment:Taper Mount devices
DB Attenuation:5.56mm 33DB, 300BLK 34DB Super, 39DB Sub 7.62mm 32DB
Finish:QPQ finish
Full Auto Rated:Yes