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Slings & Components

AR-15 Slings & Mounts | QD Swivels | M-Lok Sling Mounts

Slings have been around as long as rifles have been around. As rifles have advanced so have slings. We carry slings from top manufacturers. When you go on a deer hunt in the forest or take a carbine class, you need a sling that will stabilize your weapon without your needing to hold it in your hands the entire time. Our gun slings will provide you with the support you need to aim at your target without missing. What makes slings a good choice for shooters is that they are lightweight, easy to carry, and affordable. There is a vast variety of rifle slings available in our store. You can base your decision on the type of sling you want to buy by considering your needs, requirements, and personal preferences. Another benefit you will receive by buying a rifle sling for support is the ability to use it in several different ways when aiming at your target. If you like tossing your weapon over one shoulder, a sling is just what you need. You can choose from shotgun slings, sling swivels and mounts, slings by material, tactical rifle slings, and traditional rifle slings.

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