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    Simunition SecuriBlank Loud Cartridges - 9MM

    Manufacturer: Simunition
    SKU: SIM-SEC-9
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    SecuriBlank® Loud cartridges set a new standard as the world’s safest blank cartridges. These reduced-energy cartridges are designed to use the Simunition® conversion kit. SecuriBlank® Loud feature reduced propellant charge. These cartridges produce realistic recoil, and are safer because they virtually eliminate unburnt propellant and ejected particles. SecuriBlank® Loud cartridges are affordable and convenient for training any time, any place, indoors or outdoors.


    • Non-lethal and non-toxic cartridges (Toxfree® primer)
    • No flash or noise, only the sound signature of the weapon cycling
    • Cleaner than conventional blanks, no fouling of the weapon
    • Safer blank, no unburnt propellant, no ejected particles
    • Functions in Simunition® converted service weapons
    • Minimal protective equipment, only range certified eye protection required
    • No Blank Firing Attachment (BFA) required


    • Convenient for training any time, any place, indoors and outdoors
    • Simple and fast clean up, this round is not required to be handled as hazardous waste
    • In classroom, for firearms familiarization, safe weapon handling and realistic handgun retention drills virtually anywhere with 360 degrees of freedom of movement
    • For extreme close proximity, dynamic force-on-force training exercises and interactive scenarios
    • For ground fighting techniques
    • With interactive video-based simulator systems
    • In sensitive areas, where only the SecuriBlank® Quiet can be fired for safety reasons.