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Simunition FX 9000 Protective Neck Collars

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Texas Law Enforcement Only

Simunition® is the world’s most realistic and effective interactive training system, allowing force-on-force scenarios where participants can safely fire FX® marking cartridges at one another. In order to reduce the risk of injury during these highly dynamic scenarios, Simunition® has developed a full line of protective equipment for both men and women. This equipment is an integral part of the FX® training system.

Fitting snugly around the neck, the FX® 9000 neck protector is produced of high-strength textile. Available in black in two sizes.


  • Designed, tested and approved to withstand 5.56 mm, 9 mm and .38 cal. FX® marking cartridges
  • Allows safe and realistic interactive training
  • Lightweight; comfortable and adjustable
  • Made of quality, low-maintenance materials
  • Good marking characteristics and reduced pain penalty
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Manufacturer: Simunition