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SB Tactical

SB Tactical

SB Tactical is a groundbreaking leader committed to providing hard-core shooters what they need. SB Tactical is known for its world-renowned pistol stabilizing brace. They have been leading the industry in accessories designed and approved by veterans for all skill levels. Available in a variety of firearm platform models such as side-folding, fixed, and adjustable. SB Tactical pistol stabilizing braces provide advantages that add the third point of contact, providing better stability, accuracy, and control. Steady holding on to principles, SB Tactical manufactured products like the SBA3 6 Position AR Brace, SBPDW AR15 Pistol Brace, and SBA4 Brace and Law Adapter Kit that have benefited many shooters.

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SB Tactical SB Mini Pistol Brace - Black


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