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AEBK-A5-B VLTOR EMOD A5 Combo Kit w/ Hardware - Black

Manufacturer: Vltor
Manufacturer part number: AEBK-A5-B
Availability: Out of Stock - backorder and will be shipped once in stock.
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Vltor A5 Buffer & Recoil System - The unique design of the new buffer and receiver extension tube allow the A5 System to adapt a MilSpec EMOD butttock to any M16/AR15 rifle.

Tests show that the A5 System reduces the cyclic rate of the M4 Carbine and lowers bolt carrier velocity; and recently, extensive testing conducted on the M16A4 proved that the A5 System was the most reliable and consistent stock system available for that platform!

The A5 Buffer and Recoil Assembly was developed by Vltor Weapons for the specific needs of the U.S. Military. As the M16/AR15 series of rifles have evolved into specialized configurations, such as the SPR, M4 and Mk 18, each of these designs using a new combination of barrel and gas-systems. Attempts to universally use the standard collapsible stock on all platforms - from M16A4 to the Mk18 - have proven unreliable at best.

The A5 Buffer and Recoil System takes a new approach to this problem, providing a single collapsing stock and buffer system that can be used on all current configurations of direct impingement systems. The A5 System reduces cyclic rate on the shorter barreled rifles and maintains a much more consistent bolt velocity and rate of fire across all current issue weapons based on the M16.

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