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Vltor KeyMod Modular 8" Grip Panel

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Product description

The VLTOR KeyMod™ Modular Grip is a lightweight panel made from aerospace grade aluminum that adds minimal weight overall to the system. It mounts to any KeyMod™ equipped handguard and allows the user to position it along the keyholes where it is needed. The VLTOR “V” grip texture is a great traction pad while not being too abrasive. Additionally, integrated anti-recoil lugs help mitigate the recoil in the panel so that it stays tightly installed.

  • Lightweight Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Attaches to any KeyMod™ equipped handguard
  • VLTOR “V” grip texture
  • Anti-Recoil Lugs integrated into the panel
Additional information
Manufacturer: Vltor