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    Product reviews for Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid

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    Scotty | 11/7/2016 1:48 PM
    I'm putting Lowa on my buy again list
    As the boot is now, I give them a resounding 5 stars, but when I first got them I would have given them a  weak side of 4.

    I work a private security job and it requires constant perimeter checks and miles of walking every night. After wearing out my last pair of boots way too fast, I got these boots because of the reputation they have and because I saw quite a few German soldiers wearing them over seas. Also, they look seriously [email protected] when trying to look professional and create a hard target. I have only had these boots for a bit over a month now and have already put more miles on them than a used Toyota as they say. They still look brand new and I am very happy with my purchase so far.

    When I first got these boots they were very uncomfortable after wearing them for long periods of time. There is nearly zero cushion in the sole of the shoe and there were pressure points throughout. The pressure points were mostly operator error I think though, because the pressure problems went away shortly after I stopped tying them so tightly. I was afraid I would get rubbing or hot spots by wearing them a bit more loosely, but I have had zero issues now. The cushion problem was also negated at firsts by the way it gave me so much control over the terrain I was walking or running on. After wearing them for a while now though, the insole has literally molded to my foot and given me even more support without leaving  me wanting for more cushion.

    Despite looking rather chunky, the boot has a very lightweight feeling and feel more like high top gym-shoes rather than boots. They are also VERY compact compared to other heavy duty Gortex lined boots. Running and walking feel like second nature to these things, and the tread is aggressive enough for outdoor use, yet docile on carpet.

    Something worth mentioning I think, is the way that my back and knees have stopped hurting since switching over to this boot. Even in the beginning when my feet did get a bit uncomfortable, it was worth my back and knees not feeling like they were in a vise during work or after I woke up the next day. I have used MANY different types of boots over the years, and never have I had a military boot that I was willing to buy again at this price point. DSG makes them way more affordable, which is one of the many reasons I love them, but I would buy them full price if I had too.

    One more thing in regards to the buying experience. I think DSG must have packed these things and handed them to the postman at the exact moment I hit the purchase button. They came very fast even though I didn't pay for rushed shipping.

    Great product. DSG will always have my business, and so to, will Lowa now.
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    Jordan | 4/19/2017 11:58 PM
    Excellent boots
    I bought these boots for a SOG-SRT selection course. They are hands down the best GTX boots for any environment. I used them in the desert and was hoping that the GTX feature would not make them too hot or sweat inducing, it did not. On the days where we went straight from pool exercises in full duty gear to long rucks, they still performed amazingly well despite being soaking wet. I sized a 9.5R in the Army, and these boots ordered in 9.5 fit perfectly..I did order different insoles (Spenco total supports).. I would highly recommend these boots for dynamic LEO/MIL work. If you're looking for a lighter weight version boot, then get the Lowa Innox..those are badass boots as well.
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    Scotty | 12/22/2017 4:24 PM
    Review Update
    A little over a year ago I bout these boots and left a good review a few months after purchasing. I now have the opportunity to share my thoughts on these boots after thoroughly abusing them. Salt, snow, rain, or heat, these boots performed flawlessly. I have worn these boots hard all day every day for over a year now and I am finally to the point where I need new ones. Every single pair of shoes or boots I've owned, to date, have worn excessively on the outside, especially the heel. These boots have not incurred the same fate. The tread wear is surprisingly even, despite the heavy use. I would imagine it has something to do with Lowa's podiatric wizardry and how it aligned my knees and back. The wear in my usual places has been escalating more rapidly as of late though, I'm sure has something to do with the way my boots can no longer hold my knees and back in the right position.

    The verdict? I'm getting another pair. I've NEVER done this. The only tactical boots I've ever had duplicates of were issued to me (of which I hardly ever wore after basic). Bad ass boots!
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