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Product reviews for DSG Alpha Belt 1.5"

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My Favorite ED Belt of Many Belts
This is an Every Day Wear belt for me.  So I have some belts. Well not like my wife has shoes, but I have about 5-6 tactical belts. From Oakley, First Spear, HGSI, BCT (another good one) to Grey Ghost. And those are just the ones you'd probably recognize, I have many other belts from lesser known companies.  But I have to say of all those belts, the DSG is my favorite.  Why?
1. Sturdy
2. Cobra retention is excellent, but the portion where the belt goes through is adjustable for quite a length of belt. Some of the other belts, getting the "tongue" of the belt into the Cobra buckle is a huge PITA. Then once it's in, the belt is often so thick it's hard to adjust (i.e. First Spear) but they designed the DSG belt in such a way, that is not the problem.  Honestly, had I bought a DSG from the get go, I would have saved myself in about $300 bucks in belts.  Back to the review.
3. The belt thickness is very sturdy, for supporting IWB/OWB carry, but the belt isn't so thick that your holster loops get deformed or stretched trying to accommodate the thickness of the belt.
4. The stitching is solid, nicely done. I can see the extra stitching where it needs to be. I know where it needs to be, because I've seen some belts after a lot of wear starting to lose the velcro.  Obviously I cannot evaluate long-term, but it looks like DSG has the stitching where the extra stitching needs to be.
5. It's got the DSG Logo!  If you aren't wearing DSG gear with the logo showing, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Take pride, especially if you're a Texan!
6. Nice fit and finish.  The belt also just looks nice.

Shipping and order accuracy is always spot on with DSG.

Good job DSG!
Robert | 4/17/2017 5:52 PM
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Pretty Good Belt
I bought two of these on sale.

Pros: Heavy duty belt, and buckle.  Easily held a 4" 1911 as my CCW without sag.  Buckle held better than I thought (I worried about accidentally opening it).  Once adjusted, the belt doesn't slide around.  Easy to tighten if needed, but not loosen.

Cons: Velcro scratches a bit just above beltline.  Due to the Velcro, you typically end up with the bitter end strapped over several belt loops.  In addition, if carrying a holster, the 'doubled up' width of the belt can be a bit much to securely attach to - I ended up putting the belt over the top of the holster clip.  Finally, though the belt fits 1.5 inches, the cobra buckle doesn't, so you have to take it off to thread the belt, then re-attach.

I may buy additional belts 1 size up, then cut off the Velcro end to minimize the above problems (or the company could offer this - hint, hint).  Still would have to thread the buckle, but that's a small issue.
Michael | 6/12/2017 9:45 PM
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Only one complaint
First off I got this on sale for $35. That's the cheapest I've ever seen a cobra belt. I just got it today so I can't comment on how well it works for carrying a pistol, but it's very sturdy and it's a belt so it should do the job well.

The only complaint I have is the "hook" Velcro on the inside of the belt. Not the soft "loop" Velcro that I've seen on the inside of many tac belts, the scratchy shit! Who thought that was a good idea?!

My sole purpose for coming back to check the description today was to see if that was mentioned, it was not.

The "relief cuts" that are supposed to allow you to thread the belt through the loops without removing the buckle did not exist on my belt either. Not a deal breaker, but odd.

DSG, have whoever makes these belts put the "loop" Velcro on the inside of the belts from now on!
David | 7/21/2017 8:29 PM
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Updated Review after 2+ years of almost daily wear
First off I want to address the other two reviews.  The reviewer under my first review apparently doesn't know how to run the "tail" through his belt loops.  it does that. On my jeans and on my Vertx, 5.11's and Triple Aughts.  So the part about the velcro scratching your belly, I have not experienced that - EVEN when my fat-*** belly hung over the belt which thankfully it doesn't do anymore thanks to the 44 lbs I dropped. (Hence me coming here, I have out-shrunk my belt and it doesn't tighten enough.  So if you're concerned about velcro rubbing your tender belly simple follow these two rules:
1. Buy the right size.  
2. Run the tail part through your belt loops and fasten it to the velcro.
Problem solved.
Reviewer #3:
See previous comments.  Here's the deal. I don't know what belts Reviewer #3 has been wearing, but the last thing I want on the outside of my belt is the "hook" (the rough side) Every SINGLE tactical belt that is manufactured for guys who shoot bad guys in the face has the soft part (loop) on the belt with the hook (rough side) on the tail.  It's absolutely MEANT to be that way. Why?  Because mag holders or holsters that have velcro inside to secure to a belt have...guess what?  Yes! they have the HOOK inside the part that slides over your belt.  So if you had the hook on the outside of your belt, the mag holders or holster would slide back and forth like a greased pig.  Guys, this is a belt DESIGNED for tactical use.  As mentioned in my first review of this belt, I have purchased MANY tactical (read double-walled scuba belts with Astri Alpin (Cobra) buckles) and the DSG belt is as good as any of them that are meant to be worn as a daily belt with either an IWB or OWB holster.  As good if not better than belts I have paid well over $100 bucks for.  There is that.

Now 2+ years later, the belt is still 100% good to go.  The velcro is not coming loose because it's been stitched properly and the belt itself is still 100% in serviceable condition.  The only issue as mentioned in the first part of this follow up review is that the belt is now too large for me and I need to buy another black and coyote brown belt one size smaller.  The good news is that the DSG belts I have are in such a condition that I can give them to a brother in need (obviously a brother larger than me) and not feel like I'm passing on junk.  The belts after 2 years are still GTG.
Don't hesitate to buy these belts based on..well frankly..two reviewers who probably wear velcro on their shoes.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the design of these belts and as far as durability - you cannot beat them. I carry on a daily basis (IWB) and when I hit the range, I thread on my OWB holster and mag holders for training. My belts are as good today as when I bought them.  The DSG Alpha belt is the real deal and will do the job and do it well for years.
Robert | 1/20/2020 11:52 PM
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