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2 year review
This has been mounted on an AR15 and AR10 and I've been using it for approximately the past two years.

Summary - Good scope with some issues and considerations buyers should be aware of prior to making the purchase.

Pros - Glass is very clear and the 1x has the "heads up display" feeling when the eyepiece is properly adjusted.  Smooth and easy to manipulate zoom adjustment.  Illuminated reticle is not able to reach the brightness of Aimpoint or the Vortex Razor HD gen ii 1-6, but is visible on sunny days.  I've had no issues with finding the reticle when bringing the rifle up on target at closer ranges and positional shooting.  This also is due to the forgiving and generous eye box.  At close ranges, I use the reticle similarly to an EOTech, where the bottom portion of the larger circle is my point of aim.  The method for zeroing is very fast and the turret adjustments are distinct.  The reticle allows for holdovers and the locking turrets allow for dialing.  Some reviews I've seen complain about the thickness of the center crosshair at max magnification.  This isn't an issue.  The scope is for close to medium range and fills that roll very well.  The center cross hairs are .2 mils thick.  So at 600 yards, each line on the center cross hair covers about 4.32 inches of your target.  This hasn't been a problem for me.

Con - The turrets will not always be able to reset to zero.  To zero the scope, you dial the turrets until you're zeroed, unscrew the top of the turret, lift the entire turret body off, then put the turret body back onto the scope with the zero lined up with the hash mark on the scope body, then screw on the top of the turret.  However, Trjicon designed this scope with an even amount of teeth that interface between the turret and the internals of the scope.  This results in the turret not always being able to be placed back onto the scope lined up with zero.  You would then have to place the turret back onto the scope plus or minus .1 mil.  From switching guns or adjusting zero based on different ammo or temperatures, I've had times when I can set both caps to zero, times when elevation or windage is plus or minus .1 mil, and times when both are off.  I've spoken with Trijicon about this and they replaced the scope, but I've still had the same issues with the replacement.  As of todays date, there is no solution they currently have.  My guess would be for Trjicon to fix the issue, they would have to completely replace the internals of the scope, which isn't going to happen.  The only other negative I have is there is a slight amount of bleed over into other portions of the reticle at higher illumination settings.  This is not a huge deal, just something I've noticed.  This is apparently is a result of the way the LED illuminates the main portion of the reticle.  The center of the reticle and segmented circle around it has clear and even illumination.

While the con of this scope takes up a decent portion of the review, my overall opinion of this scope is positive.  I just believe the buyer should be aware of the potential to not be able to set the turret to your exact zero.  Practically speaking, .1 mil is going to set your zero off by .36 inches at 100 yards.  Depending on the accuracy of your shooting and/or rifle, it may be a non issue.  I'm not offering my opinion for either side, just that you should be informed and make your decision.  

Hope this helps.
joe | 3/1/2019 12:01 PM
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