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Over go
I purchased two of the mags and they seem well built and have good texture which eases in handling of the mag. The mag has one FATAL flaw!!!  It is very easy to over insert the magazine with an open bolt. This happened to me with several different rifles while we where doing some reload drills. I can't recommend this magazine as it will lock up your gun when you most need it....
Damaso | 4/14/2017 6:45 PM
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DD AR Mags - Good to go
I've been using AR's for 30+ years and have tried just about every magazine made. I've used them in the military, 20 years in LE, 16 on Swat, through civilian comp, Swat Comp, 3 Gun, etc. These are great magazines and have functions flawlessly with thousands of rounds through each of the 25+ DD mags I currently have. Just as good as my other mags, Magpul and Lancer. I've heard of over insertion issues but have not experienced any. However, I do use military grade receivers and mine are to specification. If you're running an out of spec gun you might want to try them first.
KEVIN | 12/11/2018 2:08 PM
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Issues right off the bat
First time I used them I had issues.   I don’t use them as training bags to induce malfunctions to aid in drills.   I don’t consider them reliable and they surely are no PMAG.
Adam | 12/23/2018 11:27 AM
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Function in BCM Recce
I think these DD mags are good to go.  Yes you can load beyond 30 rounds, but that is why you pay attention and don't do it.  I have been using them for over 6 months for duty use in a BCM Recce w/ zero problems. I have used them in live fire training.  I have not experienced any over insertion on an open bolt (BCM, Spike's, Colt, Rock River). Good design, good grip surface, passes drop test on dirt and cement and NO....I did not run them over with my truck.  

I like these DD mags and have no prob adding them to the Lancer's,PMAGs, and USGI mags in my rotation.  Bottom line: see what you rifle likes and stick with it, if it's not DD then so be it.
Alan | 1/17/2019 9:49 PM
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very happy with these
I've had these since they first came out and have had no issues with them.  They've been 100% reliable.
Ryan | 4/4/2021 9:03 AM
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