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I purchased one of these recently and have placed it on my Sig MPX (9mm) and has worked very well over the last few days. Sighting in the visible and IR laser was very simple and only took a few minutes of time. So Far I have shot just under 300 rounds with the visible laser on and have not had any issues with it coming loose or shorting out. I have also shot about 200 rounds using the IR laser and flood and did not experience any issues either. Both pressure pads that came with the device have also worked well for me. The control interface is a bit more confusing to learn than my Peq15 but Ince you train with it for a bit its pretty simple.

The visible laser on its high power setting was easily seen at 25 yards while I shot in the middle of the day. I was able to see art out to about 40 yards with out to much trouble to see but beyond that it was to small. But, that was during day light hours and if you need a laser beyond 30 yards you should just your use optic. My opinion. The IR laser on a low setting was very easy to see out to 200 plus yards and on High it was easy to see well beyond 400 yards. I didn't have a an area longer than 400 yards to check how far it would go. The IR flood/illuminator worked very well and does illuminate a much larger area than my Peq15 which is very focused.

The device did fail on me one time but the outside temperature with somewhere close to 5 degrees which may be well below its recommended operating temperature. I briefly browse the the operator guid to see if there was a min/max temperature for operation and didn't see any recommendations. Again, I didn't read it in depth so I may have missed it.

I have not been able to use the dual pressure pad with the white light override. I don't have a light that it will plug into but if I come across one I will try it out and update this.

I posted two pictures of the laser. both are taken at 25 yards and one is just zoomed in to show you how bright the laser was for me during day light hours. I don't have using NVGs currently.
Christopher | 2/23/2018 6:10 AM
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Dbal A3 continued
I was able to get out and do a night shoot finally and used the all of the IR features this device offers. The IR laser on its full power works very well and makes shooting at 100 to 150 yards very easy. I found if I was closer than about 50 yards you may want to dim the IR laser and flood to its lower power because it can be very bright. Once you play with the controls a bit they become pretty easy to remember which direction is what for high our low power (still not as easy as a Peq15 though) The IR flood worked very well and outside and I was able to find targets through  light foliage and help see a lot more. I fired about 400 rounds using this during this test and it worked flawlessly. (again, Im using this on a 9mm Sig MPX).

When using this device inside, I would not recommend using the laser or illuminator on high power as its to bright and can wash out your target. The IR settings on low power work very well and make seeing in a dark building with no ambient light easy to see.
Christopher | 3/3/2018 9:32 AM
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