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OZ9-MBK-GRY Zev OZ9 Modular Build Kit Gray

Manufacturer: Zev Technologies
Manufacturer part number: OZ9-MBK-GRY
UPC: 811338034762
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Now available in gray, the Zev OZ9 Modular Build Kit allows you to customize your use of the OZ9, making it a more reliable and accurate weapon as and when you need it. The primary feature of this kit of the OZ9 Steel Receiver, which is machined from a whole block of 4140 steel, allowing for both a highly strong and lightweight design. A single component attachment that is fit to the pistol, it's less flexible than polymer frames. Combined with the longer slide rails and internal locking block, this allows for more contact with the slide, which means less felt recoil, faster follow up shots, and increased accuracy across the board.

Other components that come with the kit alongside the steel receiver allow you to make all kinds of customizations, including a lock lever and spring, trigger pin, ejector housing pin, enhanced extractor, and more.

In addition to an O.Z-9 Steel Receiver, each O.Z-9 MBK includes the following necessary components to complete your build:

  • ZEV O.Z-9 Slide Lock Lever and Spring
  • ZEV O.Z-9 Trigger Pin
  • ZEV O.Z-9 Ejector Housing Pin
  • ZEV Enhanced Extractor
  • Extended Slide Release Lever
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