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ZEV Z19 Dragonfly 3rd Gen Stripped Slide w/ RMR Cover Plate - Black

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Product description

Your glock can benefit from this state-of-the-art ZEV Z19 dragonfly 3rd gen stripped slide due to several reasons. One of the most popular and in demand stripped slides by Zev Technologies, the ZEV Z19 dragonfly 3rd stripped slide, doesn’t fail to exceed our expectations.

The manufacturer created a cut that eliminated majority of the material, but without compromising its structural rigidity. To enhance the stripped slide’s appearance, they created cuts that add to its design and improve the cooling of the barrel. Its black color improves the look of the stripped slide.

To improve its longevity and tolerance level, they have used machined 17-4 billet stainless steel. They have coated it with DLC or PVD coatings to increase its Rockwell hardness rating, thus making it more durable than slides that have received factory coatings.

For the RMR cover plate, they have created a position to mount it using the CNC machined method. To secure the cover plate, they have added positioning posts and mounting screws. We recommend this ZEV Z19 dragonfly 3rd gen stripped slide for people in law enforcement, military, and competitive shooting competitions. If you are searching for a premium quality stripped slide for your handgun, consider opting for this one.

Easy to install and Machined from Billet Stainless Steel then coated, these slides are a great addition to anyone's Glock collection.

  • Machined from 17-4 Billet Stainless Steel to have tighter tolerances than a factory slide.
  • DLC or PVD coatings offered have a Rockwell hardness rating above that of factory coatings.


CNC Machined RMR Mounting position in front of the factory location of the rear sight. has positioning posts that hold the RMR at a center zero point on the slide. Slide comes with proper mounting screws for the RMR of any model.

Additional information
Manufacturer: Zev Technologies