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ISMI-SPR-REC-11 Zev ISMI 11 lb Recoil Spring

Manufacturer: Zev Technologies
Manufacturer part number: ISMI-SPR-REC-11
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The Zev ISMI 11 lb Recoil Spring is the perfect tool to help you achieve maximum comfort while shooting.

Zev manufactures the ISMI 11 lb Recoil Spring using special metals that help reduce arm strain and reduce the impact of a shot on your body.

When you activate a firearm, the bullet travels in one direction, and the gun recoils with equal force in the other. Because of bullets' speed, the force of the recoil can be quite extreme, even when spread over a larger butt. The discharging impulse is equal to the recoiling impulse.

The ISMI 11 lb Recoil Spring is spring weighted for 11 lbs of recoil, providing ample cushioning. When the gun fires, the spring compresses, helping to cushion the jolt from the bullet as it leaves the barrel.

Currently, Zev does not recommend the ISMI 11 lb Recoil Spring for calibers above 9mm. Please check the weight rating of your rifle and the degree of kickback protection you require before ordering.

  • High-quality construction
  • Exceptional recoil dampening up to 11 lbs
  • Easy to install
  • Cushions firearm recoil
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