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CFT-PRO-DRP-4G9-B-R Zev PRO Curved Face Trigger Drop-In Kit Gen 4 9MM - Black/Red

Manufacturer: Zev Technologies
Manufacturer part number: CFT-PRO-DRP-4G9-B-R
UPC: 811745029801
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Zev Technologies never fails to surprise us. Their latest and greatest technological innovation is the ZEV PRO curved face trigger. Their curved face trigger comes with a few noticeable benefits such as a dependable design, comfortable grip, and improved accuracy and precision. For long distance shooting, this trigger is like a dream come true.

We recommend this complete drop-in kit, which includes premium quality parts, to weapon enthusiasts, law enforcement officials, and military personnel. This drop-in kit includes PRO curved face riveted trigger, trigger bar, PRO connector, firing pin safety, firing pin safety spring, PRO striker spring, trigger spring, and ejector housing.

Its spectacular combination of black with red is striking and will enhance the look of your glock. Do you want to know another wonderful feature of adding this trigger to your weapon? Whether you take out this weapon in the dark or in the daylight without looking from the holster, you will notice that you finger lands in the same place each time.

Upgrade your weapon by outfitting it with this remarkable drop-in trigger that will last you several years. Its manufacturer has made sure that you receive a trigger that you can show off and flaunt on your glock for a long time.

At the core of ZEV's PRO trigger is their new proprietary trigger bar and professional connector. These products deliver the crispest, cleanest trigger pull available. Finally, their new trigger pad features a revolutionary riveted assembly process that makes it the longest lasting and most reliable replacement trigger on the market.

  • ZEV PRO curved face riveted trigger
  • ZEV trigger bar
  • ZEV PRO connector
  • ZEV firing pin safety
  • ZEV firing pin safety spring
  • ZEV PRO striker spring
  • ZEV trigger spring
  • Ejector housing
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