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CFT-PRO-DRP-4G9-B-B Zev PRO Curved Face Trigger Drop-In Kit Gen 4 9MM - Black/Black

Manufacturer: Zev Technologies
Manufacturer part number: CFT-PRO-DRP-4G9-B-B
UPC: 811745029795
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We aim to never disappoint our customers. If you are a gun enthusiast, ZEV technologies' state-of-the-art curved face drop-in replacement for your weapon will impress you. It’s the ideal choice for competitive shooters and military and law enforcement personnel and has been for a long time.

One of the most durable and reliable replacement triggers available right now includes a curved face riveted trigger, trigger bag, PRO connector, firing pin safety, firing pin safety spring, PRO striker spring, trigger spring, and ejector housing.

For weapon owners searching for the cleanest and crispiest trigger pull in the market, they will have zero complaints about the ZEV PRO trigger. If you need to replace or upgrade your Glock's current trigger, you have found its perfect replacement.

After using it several times, your finger will automatically find the same spot. It also offers a comfortable grip so you can hold it with ease. Assemble this drop-in trigger, available in black, and add it to your Glock. With this trigger in place, long-distance shooting, both indoors and outdoors, will improve.

Ask any experienced weapon owner about the Zev PRO curved face trigger and they will tell you what a great addition it makes to the firearm.

At the core of ZEV's PRO trigger are their new proprietary trigger bar and professional connector. These products deliver the crispest, cleanest trigger pull available. Finally, their new trigger pad features a revolutionary riveted assembly process that makes it the longest-lasting and most reliable replacement trigger on the market.

  • ZEV PRO curved face riveted trigger
  • ZEV trigger bar
  • ZEV PRO connector
  • ZEV firing pin safety
  • ZEV firing pin safety spring
  • ZEV PRO striker spring
  • ZEV trigger spring
  • Ejector housing
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