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Zev PRO Curved Face Trigger Drop-In Kit Gen 1-3 9MM - Black/Red

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GTIN: 811745029825

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Product description

Do you want to replace your trigger with one that offers you the crispiest and cleanest trigger pull? You will not have to look far to find it, as you will get what you seek for with this Zev PRO curved face trigger drop-in kit for your 9mm glock.
This kit comes with the ZEV PRO curved face riveted trigger, ZEV trigger bar, ZEV PRO connector, ZEV firing pin safety, ZEV firing pin safety spring, ZEV PRO striker spring, ZEV trigger spring, and ejector housing.
All the parts in the kit are made from premium quality material, but can you expect anything less from Zev Technologies, a company known for creating one of the best and most efficient drop-in replacement triggers available in the market today — we think not!
The trigger is available in black and red, which makes it stand out. Competitors shooters, avid gun owners, and military and law enforcement officials will not have any complaints with using this trigger on their weapon.
This trigger is an ideal option for long range precision shooting. Its curved design offers a comfortable grip. Your fingers will become familiar with the trigger the more you use your weapon, finding the exact same place to hold the trigger from each time.


  • ZEV PRO curved face riveted trigger
  • ZEV trigger bar
  • ZEV PRO connector
  • ZEV firing pin safety
  • ZEV firing pin safety spring
  • ZEV PRO striker spring
  • ZEV trigger spring
  • Ejector housing
Additional information
Manufacturer: Zev Technologies