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CFT-PRO-BAR-SM-B-B Zev PRO Curved Face GLOCK Gen 1-4 Trigger Bar Kit - Small - Black/Black

Manufacturer: Zev Technologies
Manufacturer part number: CFT-PRO-BAR-SM-B-B
UPC: 811745029771
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Replace your weapon’s trigger with the ZEV’s PRO trigger bar kit. The trigger bar kit includes ZEV PRO curved face riveted trigger, ZEV trigger bar, and ZEV PRO connector. As you know, ZEV is one of the leading manufacturers of triggers, bringing state-of-the-art drop-in replacement triggers to gun owners.

If you compete in competitions, you require a trigger that offers precision, comfortable grip, and allows you to grip your firearm from the same place each time. This curved face riveted comes with all three qualities.

It is also the perfect trigger for military personnel, law enforcement officials, and gun enthusiasts. If you want to prepare your weapon for long range precision shooting, equip it with this trigger bar and connector.

When you shoot your weapon, outfitted with this trigger, you will automatically feel the difference. It will deliver an experience like no other because you will be shooting your glock with one of the cleanest and crispiest trigger pull available in the market.

Your trigger will last you several years, thanks to its riveted assembly. If you want to equip your firearm with a trigger you can rely on to function properly and not wear and tear easily, you need to order the small and black colored curved face trigger bar kit for your weapon.

  • ZEV PRO curved face riveted trigger
  • ZEV trigger bar
  • ZEV PRO connector
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