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LANTAC E-CTG9 Enhanced Gen 1-3 Glock 17/19 Trigger

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SKU: LTC01-GP-ECT69-17-19
Manufacturer part number: 01-GP-ECT69-17-19
GTIN: 712038709724

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Product description

The Ultimate drop in trigger for your pistol, the E-CTG9™ trigger can be configured for Carry (Self Defense) or Competition (Target) use and comes complete with our improved trigger spring kit so you can set the ultimate trigger pull on your handgun. Parts have been made to reduced friction meaning less resistance for smooth operation. The Triggers Pivot Pin and Trigger Bar position has been carfully considered to deliver maximum leverage with minimum force and the hybrid bow face is a perfect blend of curved and flat surfacing that delivers comfort with improved erogonomics and finger positioning.


  • x1 4.0Lb Firing Pin Spring (For Target, Competition & Sporting Use)
  • x1 4.5Lb Firing Pin Spring (For Tuning Trigger Pull)
  • x1 6.0Lb Firing Pin Spring (For Carry & Self Defense Use)
  • x1 6.0Lb Increased Power Trigger Spring
  • x1 Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring & Ultra Smooth Safety Plunger.
Additional information
Manufacturer: Lantac