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01-GP-65-USS LANTAC Glock 6.5LB Ultimate Spring Set

Manufacturer: Lantac
Manufacturer part number: 01-GP-65-USS
UPC: 712038709793
Availability: Out of Stock - backorder and will be shipped once in stock.
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Springs are manufactured from the highest grade piano wire and tempered for the best service life. Each spring is calibrated to deliver consistent force through the entire compression cycle for reliable operation every time the pistol is fired.

With nearly 30% more power our Trigger Spring actually reduces the pull weight by as much as 1Lb.

The lower power Firing Pin Safety Spring reduces friction caused by the firing pin plunger engaging with the trigger bar and creates a much smoother operation of the parts.

Manufactured in the USA.

Spring Set Includes:

x1 6.5lb Firing Pin Spring (Maximum Reliability)

x1 6.0Lb Increased Power Trigger Spring

x1 Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring

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