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219 Aervoe Spray Marking Chalk - Green

Manufacturer: Aervoe Industries
SKU: AE219
Manufacturer part number: 219
UPC: 088193002193
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When you need paint specifically for temporary use, then this Aervoe Spray Marking Chalk in green could be precisely what you're looking for. Designed precisely for temporary use, it washes away in up to 20 days after application through natural exposure to water and abrasions. As such, it can be used for landscaping, sports utility purposes, surveying, marking for utility reasons, and so on.

This fast-drying paint is safe to touch in as little as eight minutes. The spray is a water-based formulation using non-resin binders and low pigment solids, as well, meaning that it's environmentally safe and can be used on all manner of surfaces. If you need to clean up the paint before it has time to fade away naturally, it can disappear in as little as ten minutes with the simple application of soap and water. As well as being applied by hand, the Aervoe Spray Marking Chalk can be used with their Spot Marker and Marking Stick, too.


  • Mark disappears in 10-20 days when exposed to water, traffic, and other abrasions.
  • May also be washed off with a pressure washer
  • Safe for use on all kinds of surfaces