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Combat Medical CELOX 3"x10' Z-Fold Gauze

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SKU: CBM30-210

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Product description

How it Works
Celox controls bleeding by forming a robust clot as red blood cells react with the Celox agent. This occurs within minutes after the product is placed at the source of bleeding. Studies have repeatedly confirmed that Celox rapidly controls major arterial bleeding without the use of cautery when applied to traumatic wounds. When applied to wounds, the excess Celox hemostatic agent forms a gelled mass that protects the area of controlled bleeding and is easily irrigated out after Celox use.

Benefits and Features
* Coated gauze allows for convenient placement at source of bleeding
* Not affected by windy conditions
* Saves lives by controlling bleeding within minutes
* Works in cold conditions and with hypothermic patients
* Works on anti-coagulated blood
* No heat generation with use and no burning of tissues
* Sterile, waterproof packaging 
* Easy to remove and irrigate from wound
* No scissors or shears required - tears easily to required length.


Dimensions: One Gauze Strip: 3" x 10' 7.6cm x 3.0M

Dimensions:  4.25" x 6.75" x 1" packaged

Weight: 2.1 oz

Additional information
Manufacturer: Combat Medical